Kirsties Frenchie's

Where to buy your rabbit


Well i must admit this can be a very tricky decision.

What is better ?? Well i'm going to try and help you out with this!!


Pet shop bunnies


Petshops and any other supplier stores tend to always have bunnies in, on display ready to tempt you into buying them and taking them home.

They are usually (not in all cases) mass bred for these stores and are usually not of the highest quality at all. 

Many have a title on the cage saying they are a certain breed when really they are a cross but they dont know this, and neither does the buyer i.e. u.

Their bunnies are usually priced cheaper than from a breeder but this is for a quick turn over to enable them to make a profit and to get more 'stock' in.

I myself have fallen for this in the past, i know as soon as you see that cute little fur ball you automatically think ohhhhhh i want that 1, bought it thinking it was a certain breed, in my case it was 'supposed' to be a lionhead buck, turned out to be a doe and a cross as she is huge!!. Not all do this but alot do.

Their pets are kept in small cramped cages with little bedding inside for comfort. Yes animals eat hay but even so it should be topped up atleast twice a day!!

Another thing i have noticed with shop bought bunnies, now i wouldnt say this is the case with everywhere but they do not tend to live as long as breeder rabbits, i believe ( this is my own personal opinion) that due to mass breeding to accomodate the shop demand.

Also from a pet shop you do not get any history of the animal, i.e. colouring of parents, how they have been housed, what food they are on or anything, unless you ask and then information is sketchy

 You do not get any further support once you have the rabbit home with you unlike from a breeder.


All breeders i know all say the same thing, our bunnies are what they say they are!! This is due to us knowing exactly what mated what and when. Giving you, the buyer, an exact age of your bunny when you view them.

Our bunnies are of much better quality as ours are NOT used as breeding machines and are only bred maximum of twice a year.

We can honestly say what breed they are and any breeder like myself will welcome you into the home or whatever environment to show you all bunnies and housing etc without any hesitation at all. 

Some breeders also supply birth certificates with their bunny, i myself provide this. I also provide a rabbit care sheet for once you are home you do not get this from a shop.

With a rabbit from a breeder you usually are supplied with a few days worth of food as a change over to help them get used to what the new owner (you) want to feed them. 

A breeder also offers a life time of help/support if needed, they may leave us for pastures new but they are never forgotten.