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Housing Two Rabbits.

This is a requently asked question, i am going to try my best at answering it.

Can i house two rabbits of the same sex?

 Well yes you can, however you are better getting litter mates as they are already bonded, BUT you will need to get both neutred once old enough, There is a chance you may have to seperate them at some point incase they begin fighting severely.

I would NOT advise trying to bond 2 rabbits of the same sex and ages certainly not without neutering and it would need a bonding process. If you want to bond two rabbits i advise a male to femalre ratio it tends to be more successful. 


Before you house them together, they must be in two separate hutches, but where they can see each other . This is safer as you will find a lot of biting, kicking, fur pulling etc.. will go on when they are together during the bonding process.


Do not house them together and leave them straight away, this is when you may go out and find a bunny that has been viciously attacked and need a vet or worse, a dead bunny.


What i do, is let both bunnies out together in the garden as this is a treat for them, they are usually placed in a run rather than have the full use of the garden, but during the bonding process they have the full use of the garden as there's more space!

This enables them to have plenty of room and pick up each others scent as they are roaming, they tend to find each other at some point. When this happens do not be surprised to find them chase each other, bite, nip, kick, this is them trying to show each other who is boss. You may also find that they will mount each other as well, even for same sex bunnies, this is normal behaviour. 

When they bite and kick it can be scary but please try and persevere over a few days and you should find that it gets better, however if it gets really bad then don't be afraid to part them, put them in their own hutches and start again the following day, after all Rome wasn't built in one day!

Once you have established that they are fine in each others company then you can try housing them together, do this early on a morning, so you have the full day to keep a watchful eye on them and how they are with each others company. Once you get to this stage then the bonding process is nearly done. It's now a case of just watching them to make sure they are safe, happy and well. Like us, rabbits have bad days and good, there will be times when they get on each others nerves, so continue to let them have time out of the cage this gives them mental exercise which tires them out enabling a happy healthy bunny who now has company. Once the process is finished you will find your bunnies are in seperable. All animals like company a bunny is no different.

 I can assure you it has worked for me you just need to 'tweek' this process so that it works for you. 


Housing 2 Bunnies

You can house two bunny's of different sexes IF they are NEUTRED. Also the bonding process will need to be followed. 

Males and Females tend to get on really well, however, i said about the neutering, as you do not want litter after litter of bunnies. Yes they may be cute and cuddly but can you rehome them all?? 





We have all our rabbits in a 5 - 6ft hutch other than 2 which are in a 4ft but have plenty exercise time and also they do have plenty room in there too. pictured are my 5 and 6ft hutches as an example.


 Also we have an indoor 5ft three tier for the girls :) Made by Delton Pets