Kirsties Frenchie's


We have at times kits for sale available which are posted here.

All our babies will NOT leave until at least 10 weeks of age. We ensure they are as healthy as can be before they leave. We make sure they have been separate from mum for at least a week to make sure they are fully weaned and drinking well. 

 I will NOT sell to anyone under the age of 16 unless parents are with them.

We offer advice and help not only just when selling but we are here for any questions, for a lifetime. The bunnies always have a place in our hearts and just because they have been sold doesn't mean we forget about them!

Prices !!

Our french lops are pedigree........NO crossing at all so you can ensure what you see is what you get a soon to be large heavy cheeky bunny !!

Adults are vaccinated unless otherwise stated, this is reflected in the price of the animals

Young kits can be vaccinated but it will be reflected in the price of youre baby, he/she will have also had a vet check whilst being vaccinated, depending upon the vaccinated wanted price will vary as there are different types of vaccine available .


£80 each, £30 of which i ask is a non refundable deposit to secure.




Babies will NOT come with vaccinations unless they are ones i have kept back and then decided to move on for what ever reason.

If you would like me to have their vaccines done then i can arrange a vet appt at YOU'RE cost. Otherwise i would strongly advise you to have them vaccinated after you get them home. Vaccines are an important part of rabbit owning, all mine are vaccinated against VHD2 however id advise for mixi and vhd1 to be done too.





Kits For Sale



Super Steel x Agouti 

Agouti ( home bred ) and the super steel was bred by Lilybee stud in middlesbourgh by the seargents.


We have ......

3 x agouti bucks available

2 x Steel bucks available

1 x steel doe available

2 x agouti doe's 1 available 

Ready 7th June 2021 



 Each will come with change over food and any advice needed ..... 


All babies when bought also come with change over food to enable their tummy's to adjust to different food as there are so many different variety's.

Ours are fed on Heygates pellets and Reedi Grass added and veg ( no lettuce it gives them the runs) and also a constant supply of hay as it does wonders for their digestive system.

As stated above all our rabbits will remain with us until at least 9 weeks of age to ensure they are fully weaned and healthy.

If a baby is chosen under the re homing age then a deposit ( non refundable ) of £20 will secure your chosen bunny.

Adults and Young Adults Available

From time to time we look for new homes for our rabbits that are retiring, also sometimes we have younger ones kept back along with other siblings to see which is best to show etc.


We have a lovely 5 month old steel french lop doe available, shes fab type and size etc however she has broken her tail and ive not noticed and its set wonky so cant be shown, id keep her but i kept her 2 sisters and i cannt keep them all, she is brc rung and up to date with her rvhd2 vaccine. she is very friendly and currently housed with her agouti cousin. she can be a handful to get hold of but she does soon settle after some kicking out so please be aware of that but im sure with patience and one to one with her it will calm down. she will make a fabulous breeding doe or pet , shes bred from steel to steel and both parents are owned and can be seen, her parents are Dexter and Harlow. I'm asking £40 for her, viewings more than welcome, deposit secures ......




We have a beautiful black self buck available, 9 months old bred here, only rehoming because ive too many bucks and he gets stressed tipping for showing otherwise he would have stayed, he is brc rung, still plenty growing to do and will make someone a fabulous pet or breeding buck. here he is known as Otis





Otis has gone to his new home thank you for everyones interest 


Also available is Otis's mum Harlow, She is 2 year old recently raised a litter of 5 babies, shes a lovely friendly rabbit, looking for a retirement home for her, she has an amazing temperament, although she doesnt like being picked up and can kick out at times but if she does she soon settles once feels secure, otherwise she is lovely. she is vaccinated with eravac against vhd2, steel colour and a big girl, ideal house rabbit asking £30 for her





 Harlow has gone to her new home, thank you all for you're interest :)

How to contact me.


There are a few ways to contact me and here they are............



Phone..... 01207 502174

mobile.... 07551964008

Facebook.... by sending a message there. Just add the following email