Kirsties Frenchie's

Frenchies Make Excellent Pets !

Why Do Frenchies Make Ideal Pets?


All rabbits make good pets and crave attention, however, french lops tend to fit well in with other animals and also your household.

They may be 'giants' but they like nothing better than snuggling up to either you or other pets that you may have. 

They are very easily litter trained making them an ideal house pet rather than outdoor pet.

They have really funny personalities and i find they all differ. Also they don't ask for much in return from giving you the pleasure of owning them.

ALL THEY REQUIRE IS..............

Love, food, water, exercise, nice comfortable warm bedding  a suitable sized housing environment, vet care when required. it's not a great deal is it really??

French lop the breed

French lops or as they are commonly known as 'frenchies' are the giant of the lop eared breed. They live on average 5years but i have known some alot older even beginning in their teens!! So when you buy a bunny you must be prepared for a long commitment.

 They are a very heavy bunny, they weigh atleast 4.5 kgs some even as heavy as 7kgs. They have a soft dense coat, that come in solid colour or broken and within these two catagories there are a lot of different colours i.e. agouti, chinchilla, broken black  (butterfly) and lots of others. 

They are known for their lovely temperaments and get on really well with other animals, mine have a great relationship with my dogs.