Kirsties Frenchie's

Bunnies in new homes

Wilson born 2011 owned by Jackie Peart

Rocky born 2011, brother of Wilson above owned by a lovely couple in south shields, Helen and Richard.

 Lulu Sister of wilson and rocky above born 2011 owned by julie and michael


 Lola born dec 2011 ( lola and vinnie litter) owned by tracey in crook.


Merlin and Rosie, siblings of lola above, owned by Traci Taylor in stanley and are spoilt house bunnys



nala sibling to rosie and merlin above also owned by Traci at stanley :)

 Wilbur, bred from lola and rolo, half brother to rosie,merlin,Nala again owned by Traci ( told you they were addictive ;) )

 Toodles and Heidi, owned by a lovely couple from sunderland area, kathryn and Paul, i love this picture :) thankyou for letting me use it xx

 Stanley, a black otter butterfly from kieshas first litter 2013, now living with a lovely lady called Jo in Berwick just over the border to scotland :)