Kirsties Frenchie's

Choosing a Male or a Female????

I thought this would be an interesting question........... What would be more suitable???

 Bucks tend to be heavier and larger than the does. They also tend to 'spray' your house with a strong smelling scent, this can be overcome by neutering them. It can also make them calmer as they won't have the hormones going round and round causing a more aggressive behaviour.

Does tend to get a flap of skin and fur below their chins i call it their 'double chins'  males do not have this trait.

Males can be very stubborn and intollerant but i can honestly say that my males are the opposite and it's our female that has the issues lol. 

 Well in my own personal opinion it really doesnt matter, yes males can be really tame and love attention but they can also be the exact opposite if not handled well. The same applys to females aswell no matter which breed you decide to purchase. From a breeder like myself and others shown on this site you are guaranteed a friendly bunny that loves attention. They are handled daily and tend to interact with other animals.