Kirsties Frenchie's

A Big Hello From The Rest Of The Household


We also have two other rabbits. We have a 5year old lionhead cross doe called diesel, she features on some of the background pictures on this site. She was our first breeding doe, she has had 3 litters and is now in retirement.


Also we have sooty,  she is 2 years old and was sold to me as a netherland dwarf from a pet shop, however i believe her to be a cross between a nethie and a dutch. She is just a pet (not breeding stock) and may be small but she has a personality bigger than the frenchies :)




We also have 4 dogs that love to play with the bunnies.........

We have four dogs, all different breeds, we have a staffy cross (Taz) a staffy (Demi) a lurcher (Tara) and a rottweiler (Rocky). All our dogs love playing with the bunnies, in fact our Tara who is bred as a hunting dog, is the total opposite! She plays and lets them snuggle into her! Here are some pics..........